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TCM Live Webinar Seminar 18 Oct.2020

1. Healing the Gut with TCM
By: Tony Reid at 10am-12pm, 2 CPD points, Cost $35 

This presentation aims to provide an up to date understanding of gastrointestinal structure and function, in order to add to our knowledge base in the assessment and treatment of GIT based disorders according to TCM. The key findings of empirical research are explored, in relation to the unique theories of the two Jin-Yuan medical masters: Li Dong-yuan Zhu Dan-xi together with syndrome-pattern differentiation and suitable herbal formulas for the treatment of common disorders of the gut. The presentation will cover four main areas:

  • The microbiota in health and disease, and TCM herbal treatments for disorders related to dysbiosis and impaired intestinal barrier function
  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and TCM herbal treatments for SIBO, using TCM differential diagnosis.
  • Treatment protocols for common chronic GIT disorders, including: reflux, dyspepsia, indigestion, loose stools and constipation.
  • Diet and lifestyle factors that assist in gut healing and the maintenance of a healthy gut.

2. Introduction of TCM historic records in anti-epidemic diseases
By: Yifan Yang at 2pm-6pm, 4 CDP points, Cost $70

  1. Epidemic diseases;
  2. TCM historic records in anti-epidemic Diseases;
  3. Clinical cases study in treating epidemic diseases;
  4. Introduction of anti-epidemic diseases herbal formulas.
When:    Sunday 18 Oct. 2020  
              10am-12pm, 2pm-6pm (QLD Time)

Cost:     –Practitioners $85(for morning and afternoon webinars together)
– Students $30
To Register:   Call Wayne on 07 3852 2288 or Email to:  [email protected]
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